Offered in 60-minute brainstorming/discovery sessions designed to bring clarity to the needs of the client and develop an action plan for career, business, organizational and/or personal growth. Coaching 1:1 for deep dives into specific topics and/or strategies.

This is perfect for the following:

  • Authors & Speakers – looking to expand their brand via training workshop development.
  • Startup Entrepreneurs – (1 year or less) looking for guidance on leveraging local and state resources to build a foundation.
  • Newbie Entrepreneurs – (less than 5 years) that have grown their business as far as they could by themselves and now its time to engage an expert.
  • Career Stalled & Need Development – for those ready to elevate their corporate careers to leadership/management or those ready to build a strategy to leverage corporate knowledge to build a side-hustle.
  • Nonprofit Founders – Are you still paying for everything out of your own pocket?  That’s because you do not have a sustainable structure or funding strategy.

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