VRE Training Solutions offers 15 plus years of expertise creating and developing customized experiences for clients and employees that promote increased productivity, revenue and retention via business, marketing and training solutions. We specialize in content creation, consultation, technical writing and custom training programs.

Our mission is to globally revolutionize performance-based training utilizing innovative technology and proactively fostering memorable customer experiences.

Our vision is to develop training concepts that disrupt current practices and revolutionize the customer service industry.  We intend to use technology to build experience engagement models and training that promotes global brand recognition and creates lifetime customer value.

(Benefit of our service)
For small to medium business, corporate and government agencies, who offer customer service and/or technical support requiring performance-based training to increase skill set and drive customer loyalty. We provide digital training solutions and Brand Advocacy Programs that improve customer experiences. Unlike other training firms, who offer customer experience training, our company offers a unique approach to training by leveraging technology to create extreme training experiences designed to change mindsets while developing internal and external clients on a holistic level.

Cultivate – Our goal is to help each business develop a customized marketing and training strategy that produces the best possible experiences with the company product or service, internally and externally.

Creativity – Every business or organization has a creatively unique DNA. VRE partners with clients to identify original ideas that tell a story and provide an experience that produces an insatiable desire for more.

Consistent – Providing accurate dependable content, experiences, and service that build loyalty, grows revenue and perpetuates sustainability. Our training programs are customized to effectively showcase consistent patterns and expectations while driving efficiency and increased performance.