What’s Your Super Power?

Creators Think Differently!

We move differently, we see the world from a different lens. If you’re a creative, you know creative energy is all around us and we crave opportunities to fill voids by creating bodies of work that inspire, motivate, solve problems and transform mindsets to reach higher and dig deeper. We (creatives) desire others to experience our creativity just as intensely as we did at its inception, during development and completion of our work. We (creatives) invest insane amounts of energy, expertise, money, and time in honing our craft/projects to be sure we reach our audience on a level that resonates with them.

I personally have been a creative for as long as I can remember. At six, I recall writing a poems about the sun and dreaming of being a female executive traveling the world with an attache case wearing a power business suit with pearls and a luxury diamond watch. Back then, my encounters with female entrepreneurs was limited and by limited I mean nonexistent. The only female creatives I knew were my mother and school teachers who encouraged me by example. They taught me to read as much as I could, daydream and WRITE! I have a vivid imagination and I absolutely adore the fact that I’m blessed with the gift of compassion, creativity and communication.

Communication is Storytelling.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways we as human beings communicate. Every single minute of our day is filled with contents of a story waiting to be told. Some of us share right away, some under share and some compile content and share in bulk. All of us desire to share a story of the world as we see it or the way we wish it to be.

I fancy myself an observer and facilitator of truth. What I’ve learned on my journey is truth is knowledge and knowledge is all relative to what you believe or perceive. My truth and the way I view the world maybe outside of your realm of knowledge and may not appear to be truth for you. However, every once in a while a storyteller presents content in such a way that it transforms others realm of knowledge and therefore redefines those persons truths.

That’s the beauty I see in creativity and writing. It can truly transform everything you know and open you to the vastness of diverse truths.

I create because it’s how I communicate. I love others creativity because it’s how I learn new truths!



What’s Your Super Power?

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