Training Feeds Your Soul – Part 2

Training can Open a Window to Your Soul

“The Best Training Applies to Every Facade of Your Life and Transforms You” ~ Tiffany Taylor-Hicks

If the above statement resonates with you, it is because you’ve attended a training that has inspired you and shifted your mindset. You’ve attended a training class or had a coach/mentor (like myself) who has inspired you to transform your previous behaviors to more efficient ones.  You’ve had a training experience that encouraged behaviors conducive to your success.

The best training I ever attended changed my life. I had several “ah ha” moments. I immediately put pieces to my life’s puzzle together. I received clarity on my path to improvement. Suddenly, I had my own cure!  This particular training delivered a process that resonated with me so deeply it unlocked my soul and showed me how to journey deeper within myself. It taught me to ask myself the right questions to dive deeper into who I am, who I want to be, who I’m meant to be and who I can be! A window to my soul opened and provided an abundance of clarity.

I became highly aware of the power of change, application, and faith.

Moreover, after the training workshop, I began using their concepts at home, testing their validity by incorporating some of the anecdotes and suggestions in my parenting practices.  Then I grew braver and began using and sharing the same concepts in personal relationships with friends and family members.  Before I knew it, the things I retained from that transformational training became part of my everyday life, they became habits and ultimately made me a better person, parent, employee, and trainer.

The thing I learned about transformational training is not just what it gives you, but, also what it takes away, what it strips you of, the habits that break.  Transformational training has the ability to strip you of embarrassment, ignorance, and shame.  Just knowing you are not the only person going through something, you are not the only person struggling with fear, feelings of inadequacy and lack are steps to uncovering baggage holding you hostage to unhealthy thoughts and actions. Identifying things holding you from happiness and peace are the beginnings of the transformation. Finding acceptance and receiving validation in some instances are the first steps to change and healing.  Transformational training gives you the courage to say “I don’t know everything”, “I’m not always right”, “I’m lost”, “I need help”. On the other side of the transformation are the feelings of accomplishment, growth, and pride.  You know the feeling you have when you do something you never imagined you were capable of…that is what Transformational Training can do for you, your employees and your customers.

This story is exactly the reason I’m a Training Snob/Guru. I experienced a transformational training and I wanted to deliver that type of clarity to other human beings. I love sharing information to change lives.

Are you providing transformational training to your employees?
Are you providing training to teach employees how to be stakeholders in your business and in their own personal success?

If you’re not training your staff in a way that challenges them to strive for personal best…you’re not grooming them to be successful brand ambassadors for your business. You are not encouraging them to be cheerleaders for their own self-improvement.

We develop training to transform behaviors. We provide information that can be applied to business, career, and personal life.

Contact us to discuss developing training to transform your staff to achieve career and personal best.

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