Training Feeds Your Soul – Part 1

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Recent incidents in the news about Starbucks treatment of Black patrons prompted my mindfulness of the power of training.  In my previous blog, DiversityTraining Will Not Help Manager at Philly Starbucks, I suggested that Diversity Training will not help a person who’s made a choice to discriminate, hate or be intolerant.  After further discussion with peers and colleagues, I decided to update my stance and content. I still do not believe Diversity Training will help the former Manager at the Philly Starbucks, however, I do believe Diversity Training has the ability to bring awareness, educate and uncover leaders challenged with embracing diversity.

More importantly, it is imperative to offer Diversity Training in every new hire training, especially for leadership.  Focusing new hire training on diversity, soft skills, communication, problem-solving, team building and negotiation may be the best way to teach employees to learn the critical thinking skills necessary to navigate through creating memorable experiences internally and externally. New hire training provides an opportunity for businesses to establish their expectations, culture of the business, and code of conduct.  The most impactful new hire training convinces employees they made the right choice partnering with your business.  Additionally, continuing education is paramount to empowering loyal employees.  Continuing education is extremely important as it relates to employee retention for large corporations.  Employees empowered by training become leaders and decision makers. They are stakeholders in the success of your business. An empowered and properly trained employee will help your business grow while improving themselves personally.

Training your employees is your internal guarantee that your business will grow, your business and customers will have an advocate/liaison to fight for what is fair, just and right.  I know, I know, I’m asking for too much here.  I’m acting like or suggesting we can actually change the world via training…that’s a novice idea…right??

In actuality, we ABSOLUTELY CAN change the world with training.

Simply, because exceptional training feeds your soul!!

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