Diversity Training Will Not Help Manager at Philly Starbucks

Drinking Coffee While Black

Before you get super excited about Starbuck’s, CEO, Kevin Johnson making an apology and shutting down approximately 8K stores for 1/2 a day for Diversity Training…Consider this… is this problem past the point of Diversity Training?

Is Mr. Johnson offering a band-aid for a problem that is rooted deeply in the fabric of the people who fear others based on their skin tone or who just genuinely don’t like black folks?  Did that employee lack the skill or will to handle the situation more appropriately or humanely?

Fear of the Black Ring

My Training Manager Thoughts on the Starbucks Incidents:

In training, we often identify if performance issues are due to SKILL or WILL. As Training Managers, we are completely aware that SKILL issues are in our wheelhouse to fix. We can coach, mentor, and train an employee to improve their skill set. An employee’s WILL is not in our control. We can attempt to motivate behavior change. However, if the employee is rooted in a negative mindset dictated and ruled by fear, loss, uncertainty and in some cases pain and hatred, there is 100% nothing a Trainer or Training Course can do to alter that person’s actions. With that being said… The manager at the Starbucks in Philly’s actions was 100% related to a lack of WILL to be kind, compassionate, understanding and non-racist. PERIOD. There is 0% problem with SKILL & Diversity Training isn’t going to change that employees behavior. It simply is not a job fit!! Business owners and Trainers don’t be afraid to identify when an employee is beyond the need of skill set training. If you identify WILL issues…stand for your customers and paper them (violating employees and managers) out of your business.

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