Ever Feel Like You Have an Abundance of Ideas and Lack of Capacity, Capital and Time?

That is a heck of a title. I thought it was catchy enough to get you to stop by so I could tell you this…You will always feel like you are lacking capacity, capital and time. There will never be enough time, nor will it ever be the right time. You will never have enough money or enough resources. As long as you listen to that negative voice in your head constantly telling you what you can’t do, don’t have, and doubts every move until you have cerebral paralysis, you will never have anything.

What you do have is access to an abundance of connections and relationships.  Relationships to people who have resources that can help you get where you need to be.  Your relationships can provide you with the capacity, capital and time needed to fulfill your dreams.  My colleague Tybris Speaks prophetically says “the people are the currency” and if you learn to adopt this philosophy you too will begin to understand…YOU ARE THE CURRENCY!  Your ideas are the fuel driving the currency. Check her out at www.TybrisSpeaks.com.

You should focus, no obsess on the fact that you are blessed to have all those ideas! Most entrepreneurs are brimming over with wealth of ideas and that is where your fertility exists.  Your ideas are where you must sow seeds. Your ideas are fertilized by your experiences and they are watered by your connections and relationships.  You are both positively feeding and nurturing your ideas OR you are allowing weeds to grow and fester to a point where they destroy or rob you of the richness of your idea.  Take a stand, which will you chose growth or incapacity, fertility or baroness?

It is acceptable to have multiple ideas and projects.  Just know, it is possible to have so many ideas to the point of distraction and there is a way to centralize your projects so they are manageable and maximized.  What it all boils down to is…Experiences.  Your experience with your sense of self, your attachment to your gifts, your engagement and connection to people, all of those components are parts of success and it takes practice in confidence, faith and nurturing.

I want to impress upon you that you MUST be comfortable with your choices. There is no right or wrong way to experience entrepreneurship.  It’s all new rules, you create as you go.  There are some blueprints you should research along the way and ultimately, your Experience will be customized by your determination, persistence and planning.  The best you can do is calculate your risks and step out on faith.  You have to shift your mindset from one of loss to one of gain.

Here part of my journey…

I started my first blog over a year ago, An Entrepreneur’s Addiction. The blog was therapy. It was my online journal. It started as an experiment at a time when I was attempting to change my experiences. It was an investment in my spirit proving to myself I could take a chance and create something that allowed me to share my feelings, thoughts, talents and most importantly my writing.

I made the decision to streamline some of my projects and instead of managing 3 or 4 FB business pages and a website, I decided instead harness and house all this creativity at (goal was to centralize all my projects and co-brand)

Why?  I found myself spending more time on social media supporting multiple brands that were saying the same things.  I found myself starting a new project as a result of frustration from lack of progress on the previous idea.  What I had to learn was to nurture each idea and each connection and relationship that goes along with each idea.  Next, I have to learn to build teams to help me fertilize, grow and nurture my ideas.

Fast forward…one year later…

(The original creation before all the other brainchildren were birthed – you’ll get that story on the next blog)

Our new website home allows focuses on providing a complete EXPERIENCE for our clients, followers and readers.

The new blog spot will speak to Corporate, Small Business, Nonprofit Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals desiring professional and personal growth, and a transparent look into the entrepreneur lifestyle via content, digital video, graphics, training, and dope a$$ writing (I promise).

We will spotlight Entrepreneurs, Experiences, and Lifestyles. Loss to Boss will focus on the mindset, the struggle, the setbacks for the major comebacks, and the deep faith it takes to live this Entrepreneur Life…

The life of an Entrepreneur Addicted to a Dream, The feeling of Loss to Boss, and The Ultimate Velvet Rope Experience aims to change how you approach business content technology and training.

Loss to Boss is my journey from Blog to Book.

It’s my prayer to find a tribe of people living a life of new Experiences willing to Enjoy, Engage and Share!

Visit our website, luke-warm stalk us on social media and share your Experiences.


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