Customers ARE the reason

Have you ever had a client with zero understanding? You know the type of client that knows everything, listens to nothing, likes nothing, tells you to do whatever you think is best, provides no direction and then is not satisfied with the results. Every business owner has experienced the client from HELL.

Even though they give you every reason to upgrade them from customer to distant fan, business owners and employees must remember our customers are the reason we are in business.

That’s right I am saying even though they may get on your nerves, customers ARE the reason. It is your responsibility to make sure customers have positive experiences with your brand, no matter how your employees are feeling AND no matter how the customer is feeling. There is always a professional way to resolve conflict, educate the customer and still maintain the integrity of the business relationship.

Before you and your staff examine external factors, consider the internal factors. Perhaps internally there are circumstances hindering communication. The first step to conflict resolution is to understand why the conflict exists and each party’s desire. Next, determine how to improve communication to express the solution in an empathetic way that leaves all parties feeling valued and validated.

Don’t get so caught up in your expertise that you forget that your business exists to serve a purpose or solve a problem for customers/clients. Additionally, remember customers and employees have bad days and it is your job as a leader to teach them or provide them with tools to balance stressful situations, home and work life balance and communication skills.

There are several reasons why your business or staff may be overwhelmed by customers or clients. Today let’s explore internal reasons that turn customer experiences in to nightmares:

  1. Process Breakdown
  2. Poor Communication
  3. Insufficient Value for the Price
  4. Poor Employee Training

What are you doing in your business to secure positive customer experiences for your clients? Are you preparing your business to VALUE your customer’s time and money? Consider developing customized training designed to improve employee and customer interactions. Customer service training crafted to drive positive reviews, referrals, customer retention and increased revenue.

Velvet Rope Experience assists clients with developing customer service training to improve and create memorable customer experiences.

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