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elles spaAs an entrepreneur, I find myself searching for new experiences, specifically experiences that promote creativity, clarity and reduce stress.  The idea of having a body wrap crossed my mind once or twice in the past but came back to me after an intriguing conversation with the owner of The Shape Room Infrared Sauna Studio.

Body Contour Wraps, hmmm. What exactly are they? And exactly how would they benefit a stressed out Entrepreneur and post weight loss surgery patient?  Those are the two questions I asked myself before I ventured on my first official journey of detoxification!

This is blog post was sponsored by The Shape Room Infrared Sauna Studio.

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Upon arrival, I was intrigued by the beautifully quaint, slightly vintage yet calming atmosphere of the studio tucked away just off of Kirby and Westheimer.  One immediately has the distinct feeling of experiencing a getaway within the city and that fact instantly relaxes you. I was immediately greeted by a young lady with a calming smile and charming personality, offering refreshments. The music in the salon, barely noticeable yet soothing, allowing your mind to slip into a relaxed state, free of worry and even invites you to daydream. The next step is meeting the lady of the hour, Elaina Broussard, the owner operator of The Shape Room Infrared Sauna Studio and if I thought the greeter was charming, let’s just say that Elaina’s smile and personality immediately puts you at ease.  Her expertise is impressive and her background in the medical health industry is evident in the way she easily explains cellulite, detoxification, digestive system health and wellness and their relation to weight loss.  Not only did I receive a mind and body blowing body wrap, I also received a lesson in health and wellness, as well.

Elaina did a once over assessment, noticed certain things about my body type and made suggestions, she asked what I hoped to achieve during my visit, inquired about my areas of concern and we developed a customized plan for my body.  The plan included a body contour wrap, detox and scar tissue repair treatment.

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I don’t want to give away the entire experience, because truthfully, The Shape Room Infrared Sauna Studio is a journey you MUST experience for yourself, instead I will highlight my top 3 favorite things about my experience:

  1. The Sweat Suit – the minute I put it on, I knew magic was about to occur. After she applied the product and wrapped me, the suit became my own personal lullaby. Who doesn’t love losing inches in their sleep?
  2. The Infrared Sauna – have you ever been swaddled as an adult? Well let’s just say you will feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Elaina makes it a point to check on you every 5-7 minutes and provides you with water and a gentle smile, as she makes sure you are enjoying your experience.
  3. The Rest – as an entrepreneur, naps are precious and this was the warmest, snuggest nap I’ve had in a very long time. Yes, I took a power nap and felt revitalized, re-energized and lighter on my feet!

My two initial questions about body wraps were definitely answered at The Shape Room.  First, a body wrap is a fabulous way to smooth cellulite, slim down a few inches, and detoxify your body of impurities.  Second, entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from the stress relief resulting from detoxification and relaxation.  Additionally, as a post weight loss surgery patient (2 years and counting), I found the promotion of a healthy digestive system refreshing and cleansing. I highly recommend a visit to the Shape Room before or after any intense event, high stress situation or when you just want to treat yourself to pampering.

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Elaina Broussard

Shape Room @ Elle’s Chic Spa

2604 Persa St. Suite #2, Houston, TX 77098
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