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When I decided to start my business, the last thing on my mind was creating a business plan. Honestly, the first thing I thought of was all the great things I wanted my business to accomplish, all the people my business would help and how awesome it would be to finally be in control of something that had the ability to be as great as I could imagine. I was like a kid in a candy shop, as I wrote all the plans I had for my business. I was all over the place. Little did I know, I was actually laying the foundation of the business plan for Velvet Rope Experience.

If you’re in the process of developing your business plan, the first phase is crucial because it sets the tone for the entire creative process and ideology you will use to approach the drafting of your plan. The first phase is brainstorming and in this phase, anything goes. Mind map until you are exhausted. I encourage you to throw caution to the wind and THINK AS BIG AS POSSIBLE. Nothing is too grand or too big.

Below are 3 tips to help you rethink your approach to the brainstorming phase:

  1. Retrain Your Brain – One of the things Corporate America is notorious for is creating a limiting mindset. After years in Corporate America, many of us have been trained to develop plans that are within reason or “realistic”. We are told to create SMART goals, which is great, once the plan is developed, but in the brainstorming phase, you should allow your brain to take you any and everywhere. The more outlandish the better. If you have read the stories of the most successful entrepreneurs, then you know, many people thought their ideas were outlandish and ridiculous. However, if Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Kimberly Bryant didn’t have BIG ideas…we wouldn’t have Apple, Amazon and BlackGirlsCode. You have to retrain your brain to imagine all possibilities. Examining all possibilities will lead you to defining your uniqueness, your secret sauce, the thing that maximizes your competitiveness in your industry.
  2. Think Like A Child – For just a moment, remember how you thought as a child. When you thought any and everything was possible. When you lived in your imagination and believed in fairy tales. As children, our thoughts and dreams were uninhibited and in most cases lacked limitations. That is the exact head space you should be in, when you’re brainstorming your plans for your business. Remember when you were a kid, you probably asked “why” a trillion times. You really wanted the reason for everything. When brainstorming your business plan focus on why you are starting the business, the problems you will solve, the people you will service, the experience you will deliver. Don’t focus on the”how” that will come…just focus on the “why”. Have fun while brainstorming, blow bubbles, color, go for a walk, ride your bike to a place that inspires you! And then DREAM BIG!
  3. Get Out Of Your Own Way – I have watched people crash and burn before they ever wrote one word of their business plan. Simply because they talked themselves out of it. The conversation going on in their head was so toxic, they never gave their idea a legitimate chance of survival. Before they could write a word, they focused on what they couldn’t do and everything they lacked to make their idea valid. If this is you (because 10 years ago, this was ME!), my advice to you is…slap yourself upside the head and get over yourself. Stop with the negative vibes party and focus on what you CAN do. You clearly are amazing, if you had even an inkling of an idea to start a business. Being an entrepreneur takes courage and you are courageous. Don’t be passive aggressive about your dream, just be flat out aggressive and get it done!

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