Stop Limiting Yourself!

Lately, I have been completely obsessed with introspective thoughts. (Being an entrepreneur truly makes you analyze everything, then analyze it again, then again, hence the name An Entrepreneur’s Addiction!) The question I’ve been asking myself is…at what point in my life did I develop a limited attitude or more specifically at what point did I begin feeling that I was unable or incapable of accomplishing something?

As a baby, we are not born with fancies of limitation, but, we are definitely taught it or acquire it somewhere on the road to becoming who we think we should be.  Then it hit me, like a boulder, and it just set on my chest, crushing my spirits and saddening me at the same time…this learned behavior was introduced subliminally via my 1st interaction with a teacher in pubic school in the suburbs (I attended a small private African American Academy – Roberson – in Chicago, and I remember they made me feel like I could do or be anything I wanted)….

My teacher asked me what did I want to be when I grew up…and I said a writer/journalist. I remember, she told me I should consider being a teacher, secretary or even think about being marriage and children. The funny thing is at that age I had not progressed to having notions of marriage, instead I had dreams of being a career woman.  I envisioned myself wearing a business suit, carrying an exotic skinned attaché case, jet setting the world writing and speaking. One teacher killed that dream with one discussion that subliminally told me that I was reaching to far…I was not able to achieve something of that magnitude. That was when I learned to limit myself because dreaming was undesirable.

Each one of us has had moment.  A moment in life when a person or experience left us feeling or believing we couldn’t achieve something. That moment that broke us and shaped our limited reality. That moment when we absorbed the lie that we were limited in ability or expression. Whether we have limited ourselves in our business, career, or life, some of us have limited thinking that has translated into emotional, financial, physical and spiritual bankruptcy.

But its time to WAKE up, you can reshape your reality!!!! You can identify where your limiting behavior stems from and overcome it!

Stop Limiting Yourself because you were meant to have abundance in all things!

Start today, right now, it is okay to dream again!

Writing and Dreaming Again. It’s Never Too Late!!


  1. Glynda Hicks

    I like this article to me it is a eye opening topic for all ages.

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