Sometimes Isolation Is Necessary!


Fear of isolation is real and we all suffer from some consequence while attempting to avoid isolation from something we love, admire or desire. Some people fear isolation from friends, family, society, employment or money but no matter the fear it causes people to behave desperately to preserve attachments.

Entrepreneurs tend to be isolated pretty often, especially in the beginning stages of building business. Home offices can feel restricting and meetings at Starbucks can be cumbersome, simply because of the number of people leaving home to feel closeness only to isolate themselves in public.
Its hard to find people you trust to talk to or people who understand your drive, therefore when fellow entrepreneurs express an interest, some newbies 1st reaction is excitement and verbal diarrhea….be careful!!!! This journey has taught me that sharing by your plans is about validation, in other words you want someone to give their approval of the direction you’re headed. Truth is, desire for validation and the need to engage with people on a human level can be the demise of your plans.
Stop broadcasting your entire plan!!! There are people who lack originality and are not conceptual people. However, they are adept at identifying a great idea and may have the funding or resources to get the idea up and running before you…believe me, I have experienced this twice and it was devastating!!!!

Lesson Learned: Isolation is necessary during the planning stages of anything great and if you must talk to someone….make sure it is someone who has already earned your trust…….in the words of Drake “No New Friends”. Its necessary to be vague with people you dont know and save the element of surprise/special sauce/game winning strategies for yourself. If they’re a resource you need to push your project through, only tell them what they need to know in order provide what you need.

Your entire plan or vision should be slowly revealed at a pace that never reveals too much but constantly shows you are progressing.
You will learn how to balance as you go along. Just remember, you don’t have to share everything….sometimes its a good thing to just STFU!


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