Welcome to an Entrepreneur’s World

Bathed in candlelight, which was the only light in the room, she sat comfortably and curled up in her favorite over sized armchair. Her silk robe falling slightly off her shoulders to reveal a family rosary. A glass of wine and her trusty computer were her only companions. She surveyed her surroundings and was quite pleased with herself. Everything was understated elegance. The walls were painted a beautiful shade of taupe with rich deep red and stylish silver accents. Over sized comfortable couches covered in rich brown chenille fabric, that felt like velvet and simple red linen pillows took up most of room. Decadent, plush, off white carpeting adorned the floor while only one large classic painting hung on the wall over her chair. Lavender scented candles and silver picture frames in a variety of sizes sat on all table surfaces. The room was warm and inviting yet sexy and seductive at the same time. Sitting alone in her palatial living room she begins to image a new direction for her most recent client. Thinking up her next big idea always put a mischievous grin on her face. She sat back and breathed in deeply as she opened up her laptop and let the ideas flow.
Once you become a business owner, your life will become an endless stream of adrenaline rushes. You will get excited about projects, and become stimulated by the success of your clients. Many business owners feel like a square peg in a round hole within the confines of Corporate America. However as a business owner, you experience a level of freedom that can only come when you are allowed to be an innovative thinker and leader. Unconfined and freed, there is a level of immunity you feel. As a business owner, you can’t get enough of the powerful feelings creation emotes. It’s like an addiction. Yes, a fixation on success and visions of guiding clients to new rewards.


The world where dreams and ingenuity live, looks different from the everyday corporate world. There is no punching a time clock for visionary leaders. That’s just not how we operate. And yet, we all seem to be able to do more, work more efficiently and see more in our world. Many of us create in darkness and alone, it is our friend. It is where we dream and everything seems to come to light. It is the source of our flow. It is as if we are nocturnal animals that only function well at night. This is a passion. Like a speed junkie turning onto a lonely stretch of road, the creative side of us emerges when no one is looking, well actually it comes to us mostly when the sun goes down and most people are getting ready for bed. In the wee hours of the morning, before the sun peaks over the horizon we are hard at work making dreams come true and perfecting our creations. This is our addiction. It is what we do. We are absolutely devoted to making our endeavors come true. We end up strung out on success!

Only a few will understand our need to create. The driving force behind the late nights and endless amounts of pacing the floor. Artists understand the intense craving for new ideas, it’s like a choco-holic on the hunt for that one piece of candy we know is in our office. The rise in dopamine levels is like that of a sky diver or extreme sports enthusiast when we work on building our legacies and empires. This is our life.

This is our addiction, AN ENTREPRENEUR’S ADDICTION.



  1. So excited to read about the beginning of THIS chapter in your career! And yes, it is a rush like no OTHER! Love ya!

  2. Wow. I love this. You truly have a gift for writing and I can see this is your passion. You’re so inspirational and so knowledgeable I look forward to reading your next post.

  3. Glynda Hicks

    Tiffany this is some of your best work so far; this story is so you and how your creative mind works GREAT JOB.

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